Get Instant Feedback From Your Customers.

An SMS & email based feedback system to quickly defuse angry customer scenarios, while enticing happy customers to leave glowing reviews.

"If online reviews aren't up to scratch, or if staff aren't sure how to improve process issues, your business needs Instant Feedback!"

Hi, my name is John Detlefs, and my team takes great pride in being able to help businesses maintain their online reputation while also revealing information on how customers feel about their offering & service levels.

So to add some sparkle to your online review presence, or to improve your business in general, start working with the Instant Feedback team!

John Detlefs - Founder of Instant Feedback

Encourage Happy Clients To Leave Positive Reviews

Automatically find out what your customers think of a recent transaction, and send happy clients straight to your favourite review sites. Works with Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews, Trustpilot, Product Review, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and more!

Learn More About Your Customer Experience.

Not every customer is going to be a raving fan. During the conversation Instant Feedback automatically finds out what you could have done better during the transaction, allowing you to upskill your staff, and improve your offering.

Quickly Find Solutions For Disgruntled Customers.

Sometimes a customer has a bad experience. Instant Feedback quickly identifies unhappy customers and gets them in touch with your customer service team. Quick responses and solutions greatly improve customer satisfaction, and as a bonus you get less negative online reviews!

Integrates Seamlessly With All Major Review Websites:

But don't just take our word for it...

James Russell - CEO - Citymove Removals

As a national company in a highly competitive market such as removals, it's incredibly important to maintain a good online reputation... and Instant Feedback has helped us tremendously. We love Instant Feedback and highly recommend them to other business owners looking to save, or maintain their online reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Instant Feedback do?

First, an effective customer feedback system allows you to accurately measure the satisfaction levels of your customers in near real time. Having this data allows you to start plugging in customer service gaps by areas of your business that aren't delivering the premium service.

Next, unhappy customers are very likely to leave negative feedback online, and getting instant feedback allows you to get in contact with unhappy customers and fix the problem immediately.

Lastly, happy customers generally don't tend to leave online feedback unless prompted, and Instant Feedback will allow you to strike while the iron is hot by diverting happy customers through to your favourite online review site.

How does Instant Feedback work?

We take the data straight out of your CRM or job management system as soon as a job or client finishes a transaction. We then send an SMS asking a few short questions and feed the responses back into your system included the resulting ​customer feedback score.

As an added bonus, unhappy customers can be immediately connected to your service agents to find a solution, and happy customers can be diverted straight to your nominated online review website (eg. Yelp, TripAdvisor, TrustPilot etc).

The net result is lots of useful & actionable feedback for your business, you get the chance to convert negative interactions into positive experiences in real time, and you get more 5 star online reviews!

Can the Instant Feedback system help with "reputation management"?

The truth is, if you're delivering a poor product or service nothing will be able to save you online.

On the other hand, we know that an unhappy customer is nearly 10 times more likely to write a negative review than a happy customer. This results in your online ratings not matching the actual service you are providing.

Our unique conversational system allows an easy way for your happy customers to leave a review where others can see it. You also get the chance to immediately find out who isn't happy with your service delivery and do something about it.

So ultimately, by taking action on the information you get via Instant Feedback, your online reputation can only improve!

Isn't it illegal to ask for positive reviews?

If you provide incentives for writing good reviews or ask people to write reviews who have not had a legitimate transaction, then yes, you're breaking the law.

In contrast to this, the Instant Feedback system provides an easy way for your happy customers to write about their real experience. We don't tell your happy customer what to write, we just encourage them to leave a review.

Remember that whole thing about angry customers being nearly 10 times more likely to leave a negative review?

The results are very interesting. We've found that by actively encouraging happy customers to leave a review, your online presence aligns with the actual average rating your customers are really giving you. It's a win for everybody!

How complex is the solution to set up?

Instant Feedback is primarily a corporate solution, and as such, we've become very adept at working with both simple and complex CRM systems.

The Instant Feedback system integrates directly with your EDP/CRM solution to pull or receive data at the moment your clients complete an interaction or transaction.

Our development team will work with you during on-boarding to ensure everything happens seamlessly in real time without you ever having to lift a finger.

No more uploading spreadsheets. 🙂

Once the Instant Feedback system is in place, all you have to do is look at the data, and start making positive changes to your business!

How do we get reports on our customer data?

The great and unique thing about Instant Feedback is the data is housed exactly where it should be... With you!

Rather than charging exorbitant amounts of money to create custom reports, we put the data straight back into your CRM. This means your data warehouse team can use all the other wonderful information you have about your clients to create exactly the right reports you want.

In this way, data security is also maintained as only the most basic of customer data is sent through to our system.

That said, if you would prefer for the Instant Feedback team to provide you with custom reporting, we're more than happy to do this for you.

Can customers respond to text messages with natural language?

Oh yeah, and that's the exciting part for us. You see It's not so hard to get a quick score back from your clients by sending through a simple text... but what if you want to get real feedback, ask a couple of questions and automatically generate useful responses?

What if your customer feedback system could actually "talk" with your customers in real time?

Instant Feedback doesn't just get the score - it interacts with your customers via SMS to get real feedback. This interaction can lead to real-time decisions such as getting permission to give unhappy customers a call, or by allowing happy customers to leave an online review.

In short, while you'll still get the score, Instant Feedback is much more than a simple customer reporting system!

Our custom-built language learning software adapts to language patterns and synonyms to understand the disposition and intent of a customer even if they aren’t using numbers or yes/no responses.

Phrases that aren't yet understood are automatically catalogued and presented to a real human who will help our system learn the new phrase.

Simply put, the Instant Feedback system gets smarter every day, and we think it is "super awesome"! - read “very good” 🙂

Any last things you'd like me to know about the Instant Feedback system?

Yes, one last thing.

How many times have you received a survey email and sent it straight to spam, or perhaps put it aside to be dealt with at some undetermined future date?

And when you did finally give feedback, based on your vague memory of the interaction, how many businesses actually got in contact with you to fix things up, or encouraged you to leave an online review?

With Instant Feedback, your customers will give you real-time information about a transaction that has just been completed.

You get a huge edge over your competition by providing a fun way for customers to give the feedback you need to perfectly serve your ideal customers.

So don't send lame emails that go through to spam.

Instead, get real-time data using the Instant Feedback system. You'll be amazed at the results!