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After a customer has completed their NPS survey, next step is for us to send the data back into your CRM. In order to do this we’ll need you to add two new fields to each contract/transaction, and also give us access to your CRMs API.

In most cases the company supplying your CRM will have a readily available API with documentation, and in this case we’ll handle the integration. Some industry specific CRMs have closed architecture, and no publicly available API, in which case we’ll ask that you put us in contact with your CRM account manager to figure out how to move forward.

It’s very rare for an enterprise scale CRM not to have some sort of API, and we’ll generally have no trouble with the integration. If for some reason it turns out no integration is possible, you will have the option of moving to a manual process of entering customers into the system, or request a refund and we’ll put it through immediately.. this hasn’t happened yet, but the policy is there, just in case!

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