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Transaction Details

In order to process a successful “add customer” request we require basic contact info, as well as the StreamID and a unique transaction/contract ID from your CRM.

A correctly formatted JSON payload will look like the following:

"customerFirstName": "John",
"customerMobileNumber": "+61400123456",
"customerEmailAddress": "johnsmith@example.com",
"customerStreamId": "12345678-WXYZ-1234-DEFG-XXXXXXXXXXXX",
"customerUniqueInfo": "1234567890"

If your system produces serialized data, please note the following format will also work:

"name": "customerFirstName",
"value": "John"
"name": "customerMobileNumber",
"value": "+61400123456"
"name": "customerEmailAddress",
"value": "johnsmith@example.com"
"name": "customerStreamId",
"value": "12345678-WXYZ-1234-DEFG-XXXXXXXXXXXX"
"name": "customerUniqueInfo",
"value": "1234567890"

All fields are required except for an email address, although it is highly recommended this information is included if possible, as it greatly increases the rate of positive reviews being left by happy customers (most customers prefer to leave a review on their desktop computer, and our followup emails remind them to do this).

Testing fails if a value is either incorrect or omitted, except for email address which will instead give a warning, but otherwise pass validation.


If your CRM cannot give just the first name, then send through the full name, and the system will attempt to only use the first name. Note that names like Mary Anne Smith will probably result in a message beginning with “Hello Mary”. Please hyphenate all names of this nature eg “Mary-Anne”.

Mobile Number

Mobile numbers ideally should be in the format of “+61400123456”. Other formats such as “0400 123 456” or “(0400) 123 456” MAY work, but be aware that these formats can result in an error, and the transaction not being added to your NPS scores. If this causes any issues in testing, let us know your format, and we’ll build out a validator that’ll work for you.

Email Address

Email addresses should be standard, and must include a “@xyz.com”. Emails in the format of “johnsmith@xyz” will not validate.

Stream ID

The Stream ID is the GUID that represents the conversation you wish to have with your customer, and will be supplied by your Instant Feedback account manager.

Customer Unique Info

The Customer Unique Info is the unique ID that your CRM has given the transaction you’re sending through. This is required so we have an ID to give your CRM when returning the completed NPS data and feedback. One common error is to send through the CustomerId or similar, which may result in an error if a customer can have multiple transactions in your CRM. Any questions on this, feel free to email support@instantfeedback.com.au and we’ll tee up a time to jump on the phone to go through it with your tech team.

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