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The “Adding Customer Transaction” webhook has been designed to be as simple as possible, allowing us to get the information we need to get the NPS data from the customer, while maintaining security, and also returning useful data back into your CRM.

With this webhook you are able to start the process of getting useful feedback from a customer at the end of a transaction or interaction. In order to get started with this feature, you’ll need to have a CRM that has the capability of integrating with Zapier, or alternately, able to push data to a webhook upon change of status.

Remember, the unique customer ID you’ll be sending through (we need it to send data back to your CRM after getting your NPS information) should be the transaction ID, NOT the customer ID.

Lastly, please use the TEST url for all testing, and only move to the live environment once all data has been validated, and authentication is working properly. Using the live environment will give you incorrect NPS data, and will also incur SMS costs to your account.

If you have any issues implementing this webhook, please send an email to support@instantfeedback.com.au and we’ll come back to you within 1 business day.

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