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In order to authenticate your request to the API you will be required to produce three unique GUIDs of 36 characters:

App-Username: 12345678-WXYZ-1234-DEFG-XXXXXXXXXXXX
App-Password: 12345678-WXYZ-1234-DEFG-XXXXXXXXXXXX

These GUIDs will be given to you by your account manager, and should not be shared outside of your development team. Giving access to outside agencies could result in unauthorised use of your account, and apart from creating incorrect data, will almost certainly increase your SMS costs.

If you lose these GUIDs or think they may have been shared without your authorisation, please let your account manager know and we will replace them with new ones.

To authenticate your request, these GUIDs must be added to the headers of your curl request in the form of an array (example in PHP):

$headers = [
"Content-Type: application/json",
"App-ID: 12345678-WXYZ-1234-DEFG-XXXXXXXXXXXX",
"App-Username: 12345678-WXYZ-1234-DEFG-XXXXXXXXXXXX",
"App-Password: 12345678-WXYZ-1234-DEFG-XXXXXXXXXXXX"

If you’re using Postman to test the API, then you can add headers similar to the following using “Bulk Edit”:


Please note, upon authentication failure, for security reasons you will not be informed as to what you got wrong. If you try multiple times, please email support@instantfeedback.com.au with the code and/or screenshots of the code you’ve been using, and we’ll look into it.

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