Gaining Back Online Trust

James Russell, owner of Citymove Removals, has had his fair share of difficulties with review websites. After being targeted twice by ACCC for their online reviews, the Citymove team needed a hands-off solution with undeniable integrity.

Instant Feedback has helped Citymove build solid online review profiles, while also providing a fully automated customer feedback system that is beyond reproach.

Citymove Removals

Citymove Removals is a national removals company, boasting over 100,000 happy customers over the last 15 years. After being in the business for over 10 years, James Russell, CEO & Owner, thought he had seen it all in what is a very tough and competitive industry.

However, after being targeted by ACCC twice over their online reviews, and paying over $20,000 in fines, while also suffering serious reputational damage to the Citymove brand, James needed advice on how to both solve, and make sure the issue could never again arise.

A delicate situation requiring careful management.

“We had definitely mismanaged the reviews process in the past” says James. "Even though we thought we were doing the right thing, we made some outsourcing decisions that cost us dearly.

“We ended up in a situation where even though we had mountains of genuinely positive reviews, we weren't sure where or how we could use them, and had no way of trusting any future reviews.. we didn't want to risk any more fines, or suffer any more reputational damage"

Not only did Citymove need to come up with a way to show their positive reviews, they also had to be careful of doing everything by the book, knowing ASIC was keeping a close eye on them.

“Getting online reviews wrong can be a very costly and reputation damaging process.

We needed a system that was fully automated, and where the integrity of reviews could not be questioned. Being completely hands off, Instant Feedback has been perfect for our needs.”

James Russell
Chief Executive Officer

A solution is born.

Being technically minded, James was initially tempted to create his own solution, but soon realised the costs and expertise required were beyond the scope of the Citymove team. Needing a solution, they turned to John Detlefs, founder of digital agency Hummingbird Advertising, for advice.

Seeing an opportunity to create something special, John took on the challenge of building a tool that would be both fully automated, while also being completely beyond reproach, where the integrity of each and every interaction would be unquestionable.

“Most of platforms available are manual, and are open to speculation on whether the review is real, and so this was a real technical challenge that needed to be solved.”

“We needed a system that was fully automated, and where the integrity of reviews could not be questioned. Being completely hands off, Instant Feedback has been perfect for our needs”

A system beyond reproach.

John and the Hummingbird Advertising team took on the challenge, and spent the next 18 months building Instant Feedback, a tool that would work seamlessly with the Citymove CRM, and would completely automate the reviews process. And so Instant Feedback was born.

“Citymove suffered greatly as a result of having a reviews process that could be questioned. Now we have access to the Instant Feedback system we can rest a lot easier, we don't touch anything, reviews are automatically requested, and neither our customer satisfaction or review scores have gone down, helping to prove our previous reviews were real as well!”

Being a numbers man, James also appreciates the ability of the Instant Feedback platform to return relevant data back into the Citymove CRM, allowing management to create detailed reports on exactly how individual business units are performing over time. This allows the fine-tuning of underperforming regions, while also offering the opportunity to replicate processes that are delivering a high quality of service and therefore returning high customer feedback scores.

“Such is my faith and appreciation of the the Instant Feedback system that I invested in the company!"

Disclaimer: James Russell is a shareholder of Instant Feedback Pty Ltd

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