Rebuilding Damaged Profiles

John & Pam Murphy started Atlas Car Rentals over 25 years ago, well before the onset of online reviews, and were taken aback to find their online profiles averaged 2.4 stars, even though most customers reported high satisfaction levels!

Instant Feedback has helped Atlas Car Rentals turn their online profiles around, and now can be proud of their over 1100+ reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.

Now 4.2 Stars wit​h​ over 1100 reviews!!

Atlas Car Rentals

Atlas Car Rentals are a busy national car rentals agency with a fleet of over 300 vehicles and 16 locations Australia wide. After running this seasonal business for 18 years, Scott Atkins, the Chief Operations Officer, is used to peaks, troughs, and unexpected events in business. 

However, after seeing how online review websites were affecting sales by not reflecting the overall satisfaction levels of their customers, Scott turned to the Instant Feedback team for advice.

Online disconnect with real life.

“We had positive customer feedback scores of over 60+ Australia wide” says Scott. "It was unbelievable we had average online ratings of only 2.4 stars.. it just didn't make sense!"

“Until a couple of years ago online reviews didn't really matter.. but in this new review economy we knew we had to fix this issue, and fast.. but with no real in-house digital expertise we weren't sure where to start."

Not only were online reviews not reflecting actual satisfaction levels of their clients, sales were also negatively affected, with significant numbers of potential customers turning away due to perceived low levels of service being offered.

“The Instant Feedback system is amazing, and the results have been spectacular, our online profiles have never looked better!"

The team at Instant Feedback were very responsive to our needs, and were more than happy to do complex integrations with our bookings management system.”

Scott Atkins
Chief Operations Officer

Seeking help

Initially Scott turned to digital marketing agencies for help, but came away particularly underwhelmed with the proposals being offered, due to high costs coupled with highly manual processes offering no opportunities for scaling during the busy season.

“Not only were the proposals being sent through wildly expensive, but they required us to put on extra staff, or we had to allow the agencies to set up manual systems which cost an arm and a leg” Scott says.

“There are plenty of online platforms out there, but most of them were self-service, also required us to put on more staff, and had no ways of dealing with the peaks of a highly seasonal business. After a couple of months, we came to the conclusion we needed an automated solution.”

“The Instant Feedback system is amazing, and the results have been spectacular, our online profiles have never looked better!”

A fully automated solution.

During this time, Scott was introduced to Instant Feedback by a colleague, and immediately knew this was the solution he'd been looking for. "The system was fully automated, and as a bonus we got full reporting on customer scores and feedback.. it was a big win for us."

“It’s a big weight off my shoulders as reviews were becoming a serious issue. Even though we knew we were delivering a great service at a great price, our online reviews weren't reflecting reality, and it was really starting to hurt our business.. being able to solve that problem has helped us immensely!”

Scott also appreciates the ability of the Instant Feedback platform to report immediately when a customer has had a negative experience. “For the first time ever, rather than finding out about an unhappy customer too late to fix the issue, we were being informed about issues in real-time, meaning we could do something about it. That feature alone has stopped negative reviews dead, while improving outcomes for our customers.”

Being a customer feedback system, Instant Feedback also was able to give the Atlas Car Rentals management team detailed reports on customer satisfaction for individual locations, allowing the opportunity to fix customer service trends at a granular level. 

“Before Instant Feedback we were finding out about underperforming locations anecdotally, or worse by reading about poor service in a negative online review. Now we get to see everything in real-time and we can fix issues at specific locations very quickly, or change our processes if necessary."

"Instant Feedback definitely has improved our online reviews, but more than that, has changed the way we do business.. for the better!"

Instant Feedback helps business owners get back control of their online reviews – fast.

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