About Instant Feedback

Meet the team.

John Detlefs

John loves to code. His people skills aren't great, but boy, does he know his way around a computer!

He has worked for companies such as Telstra, AMP, FlexiGroup, Citymove, PriorityOne and various other corporate entities working to improve their sales and business systems, often via an IT or systems-based solution.

Some of the things John gets most excited about are artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots and Natural Language Processing. It's nerdy stuff, but used correctly can be a powerful force for good by improving business systems and customer relations, and forms the technological backbone of the Instant Feedback service.

John uses it to find out if his wife is cool for him to work late tonight.

Thankfully the code can also be utilised by Instant Feedback, allowing all of their corporate partners to further their quest for the perfect customer service interaction.

You probably won't get to talk much with John, but his nerdy goodness can be found in every part of the Instant Feedback ecosystem, and he looks forward to seeing you in there. 🙂

James Russell

In late 2003, James joined one of the most stigmatized industries in Australia. He became a removalist.

With no regulations and low barrier to entry, the industry quickly became known for its cowboys and hooligans. The only good thing about being in an industry with that kind of reputation is it doesn’t take much to make a difference in the way you treat your customers. The only problem was that even if 19 clients out of 20 were thrilled with their delivery, the one cranky customer went straight online to do a crappy review.

The happy ones just smiled and continued with their lives. This made James sad.

It was then he started on his quest to find a way to even the playing field and give all businesses the presence they deserve online.

In 2013 James began to call every customer to gauge their satisfaction levels and asked his happy customers to go online to write a review. He also got in contact with his unhappy customers, who were often so impressed with the quick and personal communication that they were happy to engage in a constructive conversation to improve service or to solve the problem.

Since then, James has been passionate about customer feedback and the impact a good continual improvement strategy can have on a business and its clients.